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presumptive adj
1 having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance; "the presumptive heir (or heir apparent)"
2 affording reasonable grounds for belief or acceptance; "presumptive evidence"; "a strong presumptive case is made out"

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  1. based on presumption, probability, conjecture, hypothesis or belief


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Presumptive may refer to:
  • Heir presumptive, a person who is expected to inherit a throne, peerage, or other hereditary honor, but their position can be displaced by the birth of another person with a better claim to the position
  • Presumptive nominee, a person who is candidate for President who has not yet received a party nomination, but is expected to receive that nomination in the near future.
  • Speaker-presumptive, a person who is not yet the speaker of a parliament, but is expected to become the speaker in the near future
  • The Presumptive Tax Regime in Pakistan

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